Fourth “Mission: Impossible” movie – “Ghost Protocol”

“I’ve never done sequels to films and I never thought of these films as sequels. I always felt it should have a title,” said Cruise, who was in Dubai where filming takes place.

The cast also includes British actor Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner – star of “The Hurt Locker” – and Josh Holloway, star of the TV series “Lost.”

Filming will take place in Dubai and some of the scenes in the movie will be shot on the tallest building in the world, the famous Burj Khalifa Tower, 828 meters tall. Brad Bird, who was awarded the Oscar for the animated film “The Incredibles” (2004), is the director of the film.

The movie “Ghost Protocol” will be released in theaters on December 16, 2011.

The three films in the “Mission: Impossible” franchise have generated together revenues exceeding 1.4 billion dollars worldwide.