Porsche Design: Billy Zane vs Karel Roden – Form vs Function


The film is gorgeous, it involves a lot of underlayers, explanations and questions.

Porsche Design has recently presented a four-minute film featuring Hollywood actors Billy Zane and Karel Roden that brings forward the eternal design controversy between form and function. Billy Zane appears in the role of form and Karel Roden as function.

The two take part in a tense dialogue in the form of a classic stage play. Unusual perspectives and camera cuts are drawn into the film by Charley Stadler, director of “Dead Fish” and more than 100 advertising films.

The film aims to correct the idea that form always follows the function.

“In the ideal world of Porsche Design, the two meet at eye level. One does not work without the other, neither they follow each other. A truly excellent product fulfils both of these demands. In the four minute film Form and Function fight ceaselessly over the importance of their tasks. They create a friction which is essential to allow the creation of the very best product in the end,” a statement reads.

The focus remains on the cynical duel of words between Form and Function. The founder of the luxury brand Porsche Design, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, is honored in the film: “If you analyze the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious.”

You can find more information HERE.

Image source: You Tube

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