Andy Dick considering suicidal worries friend

The comedian, who was spotted drunkenly flashing his genitals at a Los Angeles coffee shop last week, confided in his friend about how he has become depressed and disillusioned with Hollywood. His friend believes that unless he checks himself into a rehab immediately, he will die.

“Andy has openly talked to me about committing suicide and he has definitely hit rock bottom at this point,” his friend told RadarOnline. “Unless he gets help fast then he’s going to kill himself because he is totally out of control just now.”

Dick is also said have begged his friend for a 250,000 dollars loan to settle some debt problems he is facing. The friend also revealed that: “Andy started drinking and doing drugs as soon as he got to Virginia and he begged me to lend him $250,000. He told me that he needed the money to pay lawyers fees, back taxes and that his car had gotten re-possessed too. I wanted to help the guy but it was too desperate and it was too much money to lend him as well.”

In mid-October police were called to Dick’s hotel room in Innsbrook where the actor was having a wild party. This week RadarOnline wrote about how Dick exposed himself at Café Audrey in Hollywood on Monday afternoon.

“He stood up, took out his dick and said something like, ‘This is me!'” an onlooker said of the latter incident. “After that he staggered out down the street, making quite the commotion once he left… I actually felt bad for the guy.”