Courteney Cox doesn’t want to divorce…yet

“I don’t know what will happen, but this is not like we’re getting divorced,” Cox said. “This is a separation and I think that takes a lot of courage … Whatever is supposed to happen will be the best thing for us.”

This is the first time that the 46-year old actress speaks to the media since announcing her separation from husband David Arquette.

The actress, who will soon return to the big screen alongside her husband in the fourth installment of the “Scream” series, also revealed that they weren’t seeing eye-to-eye anymore: “Sometimes you just realize ‘Wow, we actually have grown apart.'”

Cox talked about Arquette’s interview with Howard Stern in which the actor shared a little too much about the couple’s sex life and Cox’s character faults.

“[David] is a kook. It’s not shocking and Howard Stern, he loves him and I’m a fan of Howard Stern … David is an entertainer and I’m sure the people who listen to the radio are entertained by his stories.”

Married for 11 years, the couple is going through a bit of a hectic period after rumors about David’s infidelity appeared in the media. Cox and Arquette announced their separation last month.