VIDEO: Ford Fiesta and Peugeot 308 frontal crash at the ADAC test


The test conducted by ADAC is trying to prove that the models labeled five-star by the EuroNCAP organization may be uncertain in real terms. The German Organization warns against the inefficient use of the areas of impact, even in close-sized models, such as Fiesta and 308.

The test set up by the Germans proves that two vehicles, entering a collision with a 40% coverage, can not effectively absorb the energy released on impact, many of the contact zones being unused. Under these conditions, the interior reaches the safety limit.

ADAC also wanted to demonstrate that, at present, manufacturers do not give importance to compatibility in case of an accident and to the combination of different types of vehicles. This is true not only when talking about an impact between a SUV and a small segment car (eg Audi Q7 vs Fiat 500), but in case of similar-sized vehicles.

Germans ask vendors to adapt the safety structures of any type of impact, be it with a different segment car. Also, there is emphasis on structures that must act on the entire width of the car, and not just in the impact area, as with this test. Even along the height, resistance structures adapted to any impact are needed.

According to ADAC, these measures could reduce the risk of serious injuries to about 7%.

Image source: You Tube