Google sues US government

Thus, the Mountain View company equips the city of Los Angeles while Microsoft has its place in upstate New York. In this battle for hosted computing, Google filed a complaint last month against the Department of Internal Affairs of the United States. Google is suing the US government, saying it was unfairly excluded from a $58m deal to revamp e-mail systems at the Department of the Interior.

Google says in its lawsuit that it was told there would be “full and open competition” for the contract, but that the bid specified that only the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite-Federal could be used. Google says the decision was “arbitrary and capricious”, as well as being “unduly restrictive of competition” and against US law.

To justify its decision, the authorities stressed that the editor of Redmond offered two exclusive features: unified messaging and a higher level of security. In its complaint Google rejects those arguments and draws attention to the numerous accessibility concerns that Microsoft services have and especially problems concerning their servers.

We will see whether the complaint will be heard. The Interior Department does not seem to intend to migrate to Google. It must be said that Google Apps is not without connection problems.