Jaeger-LeCoultre has introduced a watch that can open an Aston Martin DB9

The Swiss from Jaeger-LeCoultre have made a watch that can lock and unlock an Aston Martin DB9. It is called Transporter AMVOX2 DB9 and it costs 15,833 euros, without taxes. This model is the third from Jaeger-LeCoultre that is able to open a car as the first units were made for models DBS and Rapide. Those at Jaeger-LeCoultre are official partners of the Aston Martin for the development of watches and other such items.

The first Transporter AMVOX watch was designed to be used as a key for Aston Martin DBS. It was a mechanical watch and it integrated a micro-transmitter that could control the central locking system of the DBS. Two years later, the Swiss launch the third generation of this revolutionary control system, this time a version for DB9. Another great feature of this watch is that the opening of the car is done not by pressing a button, but by pressing the sapphire glass of the watch above the surface on which the Open sign is located. Obviously, the driver must be near the vehicle in order to achieve this function.

The watch is equipped with a Find Me function, which allows the driver to switch the lights on for a few seconds in order to see where the vehicle is located in the parking lot. For the moment, there is no news about the possibility of implementing a remote starter system and a panic button. The watch itself is perfectly functional and it is made of titanium. The figures on its dial are with rhodium and a luminescent black substance.

Image source: Autoblog