Brooke Mueller says Charlie Sheen humiliated her

“Charlie humiliated Brooke,” Sorrell Trope, Mueller’s lawyer, told TMZ. He claims that Brooke was unaware of the intentions of her husband.

Now separated, both spouses signed an agreement regarding their property in May but decided to wait a year before they formally file for divorce. “She didn’t want to make trouble for Charlie,” the lawyer said, as Sheen was already going through a rough time, undergoing a trial for allegedly assaulting Brooke in Aspen.

Trope also mentioned that this is especially hurtful for Brooke as she had been supportive of Charlie during his recent scandal in New York.

Sheen asks for joint custody of the twins born out of their marriage. On Monday, the woman responded by filing her own divorce petition. She is seeking physical custody of the children and intends to share legal custody.