Microsoft has released Kinect, which allows the control of Xbox games by voice and gesture

The gadget, which costs 150 dollars, excludes the need for a controller, wired or wireless, for Xbox video games that will adopt this technology.

Kinect began to sell on the night of Wednesday to Thursday in 30,000 U.S. stores.

Microsoft hopes to gain ground against major competitors on the console market, Sony (PlayStation) and Nintendo, which also brought forth gaming control systems through movements – Move and Wii.

Microsoft estimated in September that Kinect will sell three million copies, but Wednesday they raised the forecast to five million units.

The head of the company’s entertainment division, Don Mattrick, warned that the unexpectedly high demand for Kinect could affect sales, if Microsoft fails to produce enough gadgets.

On the IT blogs, information and reports appeared about Americans that have been staying in tents since Monday night in front of the stores, waiting for Kinect, with queues reaching several hundred persons at New York stores by 12 a.m., when the product was released.