Morgan confirmed the development of a three-wheeled model

British manufacturer has not produced such models for more than seven decades, but the comeback seems to be at least interesting. The new model was announced by Charles Morgan’s sister and promises to be a great vehicle.

As any Morgan, there will be a limited number of production and the industry specialists estimate that each model will cost around 50,000 euros, while the annual production rate will be around 800 units.

According to the French Caradisiac, Morgan Three Wheeler will be equipped with a Harley Davidson V-Twin engine of 1,800 cubic centimeters. Engine will offer 100 HP and a weight of only 500 kilograms.

Maximum speed is estimated to be 185 km / h while acceleration from 0 to 96 km / h takes about 4.5 seconds. It is not clear what technical solutions will address the British to increase stability and maneuverability.

Mazda will provide the new transmission from Morgan. The launch will be held at the Geneva Motor Show.

Image source: Caradisiac