Pregnant man Thomas Beatie wants to be a surrogate

“I want to be a surrogate,” he says in an interview with Life & Style magazine. “When I was first approached with the idea, I thought it was crazy. Then I thought about what it means and what having a family means to us. I thought, This is a huge deal and I’m capable of it, why not?”

Beatie, 36, and his wife Nancy welcomed their third son in July and now Beatie is planning on helping other couples who can’t have children of their own.

“If I can do this and help make another family fulfill their dream of having a child, then that’s what I want to do.”

And if this doesn’t happen, Thomas says he wants to increase his family by one member. “If we don’t find the right family for surrogacy, I think I have one more person inside of me.”

Beatie, a transgender male, formerly known as Tracy, a beauty queen from Hawaii, made international headlines when he wrote an article for “The Advocate” in March 2008, announcing that he was pregnant and legally male. Thomas had kept his female reproductive organs in hopes that he would someday have children.