Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Split Again

Miley, who turns 18 on Nov. 23, and Liam, 20, have had a rather intermittent relationship lately. “Their on- and off-again relationship is currently off,” a source told People. “But you never know with Miley and Liam. They could be back on at some point.”

“There was no drama. The relationship petered out altogether. They are good friends and remain friends elsewhere, “says a source close to Liam.

The couple met while filming “The Last Song” in June 2009. They broke up last August only to get back together in September.

Lately, however, the two lovebirds were separated. The young man was in Australia, his home country, where he worked and spent time with his family. Miley is in Madrid at the moment, preparing for the MTV European Music Awards that place on Sunday.