Vanessa Paradis vs Patricia Kaas

Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis was discovered as a singer in the TV show “L’Ecole des fans” in 1980. The debut song, “La Magie” was released in 1985.

In 1987 the single “Joe le taxi” was released and it became a huge international hit. The song reached the number 1 spot in the French charts for 11 weeks and the 3rd place in the UK charts.

Vanessa’s debut album, “M & J” (Marilyn & John) reached number 13 in France.

In 1992, along with Lenny Kravitz as producer, she released an English album, titled “Vanessa Paradis”.

Material peaked at number 1 in the French charts and number 45 in the UK.

One of the songs on this album, “Be My Baby” reached number 5 in the charts in France and on the 6th place in the British Top Ten.

As an actress, her most famous appearances were in “Noce Blanche”, for which she won the 1990 César Award for Most Promising Actress, in the 1999 ” La fille sur le pont” (aka Girl on the Bridge ) and in the 2004 movie “Mon Age.”

She was the image of Chanel, for the perfume Coco (1991), the new Ligne Cambon line of purses (2004) and the New Mademoiselle handbag (2006).

The album released in 2000, “Bliss”, is dedicated to Johnny Depp and their daughter.

This was followed by another one in 2001, “Au Zénith”.

In October 2007 she released the album “Divinidylle”, currently on the market in three versions, the usual one, the collection one and the Christmas version.

In October 2007 she held a tour to promote this album, and some concerts were recorded on DVD.

The most recently released DVD is “La Clef”.

In 2008 she posed for the new fashion company, Miu Miu.

She received two “Les Victoires de la Musique” awards for the “Divinidylle” album.

As far as her personal life is concerned, Vanessa Paradis has been the girlfriend of American actor Johnny Depp since 1998, with whom she has a daughter, Lily-Rose Melody Depp, and a son, John Cristopher “Jack” Depp III.

Most recently, Vanessa stars in “Heartbreaker”, a romantic comedy about a brother and sister who split up couples for money and are challenged by their most recent job: breaking up a millionaire couple who are genuinely happy together.

Patricia Kaas

Patricia Kaas, known for her deep voice, with a slightly throaty timbre, has often been compared to Marlene Dietrich and Édith Piaf.

Kass is a singer, songwriter, actress and French composer, winner of multiple awards and honors.

Patricia Kaas made her debut as an actress in the film “And now … Ladies Gentlemen” (2002).

Since her debut album, “Mademoiselle Chante Le Blues”, she has sold over 16 million records worldwide.

Patricia grew up in Stiring Wendel, a town between Forbach and Saarbrucken. Until the age of six she spoke in a German dialect.

Her mother encouraged her to sing ever since she was a child. When she was eight years old, she was already singing tracks by Sylvie Vartan, Dalida, Claude Francois, Mireille Mathieu, but also “New York, New York” at various events, including one of her brother’s wedding.

Her first big success came in a contest for young talents.

At 13, with the help of her brother, Egon, she signed a contract with Club Rumpelkammer Saarbrucken and took the stage name Pady Pax after the Pax Majorettes band from Stiring-Wendel.

She sang with her sister Carine. At 16 she became a member of the Metz models agency.

Her attempt to enter the music stage failed when a producer rejected her on grounds that there was no need for a second Mireille Matthieu.

The man who drove her on the heights of success was Patricia Bernard Schwartz.

Actor Gerard Depardieu has produced Patricia’s first single, “Jalouse,” in 1985.

Thanks to “Jalouse”, Kaas caught the eye of Didier Barbelivien, the French composer.

The song composed by Barbelivien, “Mademoiselle chantes le blues”, was her first hit.

Her first album “Mademoiselle chante le blues”, reached the second position in the French top, and remained there for two months.

It stayed for 64 weeks in the top 10 and for 118 weeks in the top 100.

The album has received gold and platinum records in France. Until now, “Mademoiselle chante le blues” was released in more than three million copies worldwide.

In 1989, Kaas went through a traumatic experience when her mother got sick and died from cancer.

A teddy bear that Patricia received as a gesture of compassion for her mother’s suffering accompanies her everywhere.

Her first tour, “Scene de Vie” lasted for 16 months. Patricia performed in front of over 750,000 fans in 196 concerts in 12 countries.

Among the albums released by Patricia Kaas there are “Je te dis vous”, “Dans ma chair”, “Le Mot de passe”, “Rien ne s’arrête”, “Piano Bar”, “Sexe fort.

The artist’s latest studio album, “Kabaret” was released in 2008 and was promoted with a world tour.

In early 2011, Patricia Kaas will publish her first autobiography, entitled “Autant d’amour.” At the same time, she will be shooting a film by Marc Ruscart, “Noir désert” alongside Pierre Richard. A new album might be released in late 2011 and a new tour in early 2012, which, as usual, would last more than a year.

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