Land Rover produced its millionth Range Rover

This vehicle, which was built at the Solihull factory in Britain, will be donated to the charity “Help for Heroes.”

“Land Rover is very proud to support the Help for Heroes charity by donating the one millionth Range Rover,” said Phil Popham, managing director of Jaguar Land Rover. “The vehicle will be auctioned later this year and should raise valuable funds for the practical and direct provision of aid for wounded service people and their families.”

The Range Rover is one of the most important vehicles in the automotive history. It was the first vehicle in the world to evolve both on road and on difficult terrains. It was the first luxury 4×4 and marked a milestone in the development of the SUV segment.

The Range Rover has developed 3 generations, with the first in 1970, the second in 1994 and the last since 2001. Before the arrival of some manufacturers on the market for luxury SUVs, the Range Rover was really the ultimate truck. Today, there have been 40 years since this car is built. The Solihull factory in Britain has seen these three generations, since 1970.

This Range Rover will be awarded to Jeremy Clarkson, sponsor of “Help for Heroes”, also widely known as the star presenter of the show Top Gear, and this will take place during the Top Gear Live Show in London. It will then be auctioned and the money raised will be donated to this charity.

“We’re delighted that Land Rover has chosen to give Help for Heroes their millionth Range Rover,” said Bryn Parry, CEO and co-founder of Help for Heroes, in a prepared statement. “This is a real milestone in their history and a very special donation, made even more special by knowing the money raised from the car will be able to provide much needed funds to help our wounded [veterans] on their road to recovery.”

Image source: Automobilemag