Michael Jackson’s posthumous song creates controversy

“Breaking News” was released on Jackson’s site late Sunday night. In this song, Jackson talks in the third person and tends to have a bit of a paranoid air.

There is also a hint to the accusations of sexual abuse against minors brought against Jackson. The play begins with a small audio part: we hear reporters talking about the singer.

The song was recorded at Eddie Cascio’s residence in 2007. It is unclear how this song has been reworked since Jackson’s death in June 2009.

But the piece has sparked mixed reactions.

According to the artist’s family, it is not the late singer’s voice we are hearing, suggesting that Sony used a “vocal double” for the track.

On the frontline to defend the honor of Michael is TJ Jackson, his nephew, who wrote about this on his Twitter page, saying that the voice “was like that of Jason Malachi”, a Michael look-alike.

“Sounds like Jason Malachi to me too. The vibrato is a dead give away that it’s not my uncle. Fans, I am so sorry you were put through this. If you heard the acapella you would be even more disgusted. Sampled breaths after sampled breaths mixed in with fake vocals to try to fool you. My Uncle’s legacy didn’t deserve this! ”

With money continuing to flow even after his death, some might believe in a staging of Jackson’s entourage to boost sales of the album posthumously. However, TJ puts them well into custody.

“Before the media starts to smear our name, just remember we are COMMITTED (as our Uncle Michael always knew) to protect his name and his amazing legacy he worked his whole life for. We have nothing to gain and we know they will try to drag our name through the mud. But we know how much he valued his legacy and his fans,” added the young man.

On the other hand, Sony insists that it is indeed the voice of the King of Pop. The record company claimed they had experts listen to the tracks and they have confirmed that it’s authentic.

On Monday Mrs. Jackson will give an interview to Oprah Winfrey. According to the Associated Press, the three children of Michael Jackson, Prince, Paris and Blanket, as well as Joe Jackson, will make a brief appearance on the show.

Meanwhile, free download of the song “Breaking News” is available on MJ’s site for a week.

Image source: thehollywoodgossip.com

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