Audi confirms: Quattro might be produced!

The concept presented this year in Paris was developed during three years of research and development, and the Germans will not waste the money spent during this financial crisis on a car that would reach concepts store in Ingolstadt.

Both Martin Winterkorn and Rupert Stadler said the Quattro model will go into production. Unfortunately, the direction in which this model will work is uncertain – high volume and an affordable price or a niche model with a high price.

Martin Winterkorn, head of Volkswagen, said the Quattro model will enter series production and will be manufactured in 35,000 copies a year.

This rate of production would lead to an affordable purchase price for this model and would allow Audi to attract a significant number of customers.

However, there might be a problem when a customer would have to choose between a new TT Coupe and Quattro, which could be a headache for those working in the marketing department at Audi. In addition, there is also the R8 model and an R4 is in the works.

On the other hand, Rupert Stadler, Audi’s chairman, said he wants the Quattro model to become a niche product.

This model would not provide an extensive range of engines anymore, just a turbocharged five-cylinder, which represents the successor of the iconic Audi Quattro 1980.

The model presented in Paris was equipped with AWD and the above-mentioned turbo engine. The concept designer is also responsible for the Alfa Romeo 8Ccompetizione, the model that represents the essence of the Alfa Romeo brand and costs about 180,000 euros.

Image source: MotorTrend