Oksana Grigorieva is a proven liar

TMZ reports, “Kristian Herzog — who was recently ordered to stay away from Lucia because of a criminal record involving guns — is telling people connected with the case he was Oksana’s boyfriend for months and still communicates with her on a daily basis.”

TMZ has obtained an email Herzog sent to Martin Garbus, one of Oksana’s lawyers, that reads: “Martin: Do you agree that Team Oksana at some point, needs to admit

Oksana and Dan LIED to TMZ and you need to tell the truth that in fact Oksana and I were intimate?”

The next morning, Garbus responded with one word: “Yes.”

The same source added, “Herzog is saying he has more than 1,000 text messages and more than 1,000 emails in which he communicates with Oksana about every detail of the case – Mel Gibson, evidence, witnesses, legal strategy and major conflicts between the players.”

Horowitz’s explanation was, “Marty’s job was to placate Kris, because once he got cut out of Oksana’s world completely, we assessed him to be a clear and present danger to her life. By stringing him along and making him feel important, we hoped that he would just fade away rather than explode and hurt somebody.”

In addition, TMZ has Oksana Grigorieva pictures in which she’s wearing a nightgown, sitting on a bed with Herzog at her home.

But Horowitz claims the pictures were taken during a People magazine photo shoot and were not at all intimate.

Also, the judge in the custody case issued a restraining order against Herzog, concluding he was a danger to Lucia.