Producer Teddy Riley insists Michael Jackson’s “Breaking News” is real

In a statement given to The Associated Press on Wednesday, Riley said he is absolutely sure it is the voice of Michael Jackson.

“My heart cried hearing Michael again. The vocals sounded very polished, very on key and processed,” he said. “I have no doubt these are Michael’s vocals.”

Breaking News is Michael Jackson’s first posthumous single. The album is set to be released December 14.

Representatives of Sony ensure that Michael Jackson co-wrote the song in 2007, in addition to having co-produced it with Eddie Cascio and James Holder. It was posted on on Monday.

The singer’s nephew, Taryll Jackson, however, said on Twitter this week that it is not his uncle’s voice what we hear.

“I KNOW my Uncle’s voice and something’s seriously wrong when you have immediate FAMILY saying it’s not him,” wrote Taryll Jackson. “Don’t you have to wonder why?

I have strong, undeniable points. They can’t give me answers, yet continue to move forward with lies and deception. Sounding like Michael Jackson and BEING Michael Jackson are two different things.”

Michael Jackson’s brother, Jackie, has also used Twitter this week, and even though he didn’t call the song a fake, he did express some anxiety.

“My friend John McClain (co-executor) and I have insisted for many weeks to have certain tracks removed from Michael’s new album,” wrote Jackson about McClain, who is co-executor of Jackson’s estate. “Unfortunately, our concerns were not taken seriously.”

Teddy Riley, who worked with the singer on the albums Dangerous, HIStory, Invincible and other projects, ensured he had the support of the family during the production of the album.

“I did what Michael would expect of me with the tools I had to work with (vocal tracks of Michael). This is his legacy,” he said. “Let it live.”

Frank Dileo, who managed the career of Michael Jackson many years ago and had returned to work with him shortly before his death, also believes in the authenticity of the song.

“I spoke to Michael by telephone at the Cascios’ home studio several times while he was recording with them, and he was excited and enthused by the music and the experience,” Dileo said in a statement. “While listening to the tracks, especially the ones not heard by the general public, you can hear that he was having a great time!”

The album is being released in conjunction with Jackson’s estate, which is managed by McClain and John Branca, who had been Jackson’s attorney for years.

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