Angelina Jolie talks about “extremely sexy” Brad Pitt in Vogue

Brad Pitt is “handsome,” said Angelina Jolie in an interview for the December issue of Vogue. She even says that he is the “extremely sexy”. And if some tabloids talked of a “strained” relationship between Brad and Angelina, the beautiful actress denied any rift between them. She is still madly in love with him.

“I think he’s an extremely sexy — extremely handsome and the most sexy … When I think about him, I just think of the man who’s such a great friend and such an extraordinary father. And that’s when I fall, you know, when I have my moments of getting caught up in how much I love him … it’s usually when I see him with the children,” she says.

Throughout the interview, Angelina also reveals some parts of their private lives, especially concerning their two adopted children, Pax, 6, and Maddox, 9.
The actress tells how she is trying to make the best breakfast in the world and receives daily compliments from her children, but she readily concedes that the kitchen is not really her strong point.

“I’m not the best cook,” Angelina reveals. “Pax is a better cook than me. Pax likes to cook. But I try to when I can. Any house that we’re in, we all chip in. But the kids are very sweet … so enthusiastic anytime I cook. Especially Maddox; he’s just this little man that’s very supportive of me — it’s like he’s raised me a bit. So I cooked them all breakfast before school this morning, and he has that kind of ‘Thanks, Mom! Good job!'”.

Regarding her charity work, Jolie commented, “My children are from the countries that I work in. I don’t see my family as a global family. I don’t see it separate. So when I look at my kids, and I wake up and hear something’s happening in Pakistan, I think: It’s Asians, and my children are from that part of the world. Those kids are very much like my kids. So I’m happy to be able to go.”

On her role in ‘Salt,’ originally meant for Tom Cruise: “I felt it was a weird thing that every time you ask for a strong female role, it’s written in this strange way where it uses sexuality far too much. Or it’s all about being a woman and beating a man. So it wasn’t a surprise to me that the only way to do a strong female role properly was to not have originally written for a woman.”

Discover many other facts about Brad and Angelina’s family in December’s Vogue.

Photographed by Mario Testino/Vogue