Isaiah Washington gives the thumbs up to Mel Gibson, but not to Charlie Sheen

At a recent event, he talked about other celebrities, like Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen, who have landed in deep water due to such outbursts.

“I wasn’t given the same benefit of the doubt,” he complained … but no hard feelings. “But you know what’s strange? I’d still work with Mel Gibson!”

“[Mel’s] a talented man! Come on, he came up with Apocalypto, man! I want to work with this guy. I’ve worked with Steven Seagal. He’s out of his mind.”

“I’ve worked with Spike Lee for four films. I’ve worked with people that are teetering between genius and madness. I don’t look at their personal stuff.”

Regarding a possible Two and a Half Men gig, the actor replied “I will say this on record: I’m not a fan of that behavior”.

Recalling his big-mouthed fiasco, Washington proclaimed, “At the time it was very painful. I was distraught. I was nervous. I didn’t know what my future was going to be economically because I was being taken to task for something that I apologized for.”

“It never stopped. I realized I was a part of a much larger political agenda,” he says, hinting he may have been a victim of racism.

“Dr. Burke [his character] was Barack Obama before Barack Obama, particularly in the world of the black community… I said my days are going to be numbered, because a lot of people are going to be unhappy about that.”

“My character wasn’t supposed to be as prominent as he became.”