Renault won the right to name a new model “Zoe”

Two families whose daughters were named Zoe Renault sued the company, fearing the jokes that could appear due to the coincidence of names.

Their lawyer, David Koubbi, said Thursday he will reclaim the decision in court.

“For my clients, it would be intolerable to hear ‘the Zoe has broken down’ or indeed ‘he or she killed herself in a Zoe'”, the lawyer wrote in a letter to Carlos Ghosn, the Director of Renault.

In the same letter, Koubbi mentions that he already knows about girls named Zoe who had become joke targets at school.

Zoe is the 11th most popular name in France.

When the girls’ parents sued Renault, Koubbi brought an earlier case into discussion, with a girl named Clio who was renamed Margo when she was three years old, in order to avoid the coincidence of names between her and a Renault car.

The compact electric vehicle ZOE, short for Zero Emissions, will be released for the market in 2012 and it is part of a larger project of Renault and Nissan to promote electric vehicles. The companies have invested 4 billion euros in this project.