Angry Kanye West cancels his performance on The Today Show

The rapper said on Twitter Thursday night that he would not perform on the show and the Today crew confirmed on Friday that his presence had been officially canceled.

Kanye West did not appreciate the fact that they presented a video of him interrupting singer Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards as this incident has affected the rapper’s career.

On his Twitter account, Kanye wrote: “I’m not performing on the ‘Today’ show for obvious reasons. I’m so happy the world got to see a small piece of ‘the set up.’ I blatantly said I’m not performing [on the show] on a tweet … and the next day they still announced a performance … Do you guys see what I’m saying now? This is just a small slice of the day-to-day bullshit that goes on that helps to precipitate the idea that I’m such an asshole. Cause when I don’t perform ‘Oh Nooow I’m the one that’s crazy or a jerk.’ ”

In the end, West ended his Twitter rant on a reconciling, yet a bit ironic note: “I don’t hate Matt Lauer … we don’t promote hate. That’s the whole point. I promote love and truth. You know what? We off that! They made a mistake. They thought they could pull it but they couldn’t. That was just a small representation of a bigger media play that’s been going on since the beginning of time. All positive energy … all smiles. Much love to Matt and the whole ‘Today’ show. I accept ya’ll future apology in advance.”