Asma al-Assad – The Most Beautiful First Lady

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Asma al-Assad is the first lady of Syria. The daughter of Dr. Fawaz El Akhras, she comes from a Sunni family in Homs. She was born in London, UK.

She graduated at Queen’s College in French Literature. Asma is fluent in four languages and thanks to her connections with France, the Louvre has helped her open Syrian cultural attractions.

It is here that she met her future husband, Bashar al-Assad, who was pursuing his studies in ophthalmology.

Soon Bashar had to return to Syria after his elder brother Basil, who had been the heir, died in a car crash.

They then started meeting secretely and before long she resigned from her job a month before their wedding.

She is the mother of three children: Hafez (born 2001), or Zeyn Zein (born 2003) and Haydar (born 2004).

[Image source: Facebook]

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