Acer and Ferrari have released a new smartphone model

The phone model, Liquid, manufactured by Acer in a limited range of 200,000 copies, will carry the brand Ferrari and will be sold with preloaded content.

“The Ferrari branded device will help lift Acer’s latest phone above the ever-crowded Android devices market where it is hard to tell many of the lower cost products apart,” said Ben Wood, chief officer of the research department in the British consultancy company CCS Insight .

Acer, the second largest worldwide PC manufacturer, has entered the smartphone industry last year, with the objective of reaching a market share of 6% -7% in three to five years.

Acer’s success in this segment has been limited so far, but mobile providers closely observe the market developments of these PC manufacturers.

“Acer had a devastating effect on the notebook market and has been the thorn in Dell and HP’s side. Its low cost, low margin approach accelerated commoditisation in the notebook market and mobile phone makers are watching its entry into the segment closely,” said Wood.

He noted that the discount and low margins policy adopted by Acer has accelerated the Acer notebook market accesibility and phone manufacturers are waiting for them to enter their domain.

Image source: Reuters