Jennifer Love Hewitt shows us her new Prince Charming

This event was a special occasion for the sublime Jennifer Love Hewitt to show up once again with her new boyfriend, Alex Beh.

After denying being in a relationship with the 29-year-old actor and director for months, despite the many photos in which they appeared together, it seems that their story has passed into high gear as they have decided to appear holding hands at the charity event.

About her new beau, Jennifer revealed that he’s handsome, he opens the door for her nd he’s a great cook.

“I didn’t know he made a great turkey until right now,” the actress, 31, told People. “We’re learning every day.”

In return, Beh said it’s not just the glamour Hewitt he’s attracted to. “Any look that she has. Any time she looks at me.”

The “Ghost Whisperer” star seems to have finally put an end to the grief from her breakup with Jamie Kennedy, which occurred last March, after a year-long relationship.

All profits from the evening will be reserved for the Eve Branson Foundation which helps poor women and girls from Morocco, facilitating their education, their integration into society, and their financial independence.