Oksana Grigorieva risks custody, does interview with Larry King

“Oksana said it went very well,” a source close to singer told RadarOnline.com. “Larry challenged Oksana on a number of points and no questions or topics were off-limits. But the overwhelming opinion is that she handled herself well and spoke the truth about the case.”

Sources connected with Oksana said she did the interview because “she feels she’s been silent too long and feels bad for other battered women if she stays silent.”

During the interview, Larry King played portions of a number of the tapes Oksana secretly recorded, in which Mel goes crazy. King asks for her reaction to the various tapes.

Oksana repeats over and over that she believes Mel is a great father, but he needs therapy to deal with his issues so he can safely be around Lucia.

Sources say Oksana is now working with a group called Peace Over Violence — an L.A.-based battered women’s group — and she’s planning a number of news conferences in the near future.