Imprisoned for posting naked photos of his ex on Facebook

Joshua Ashby, 20, was tried for his “irresponsible drunken rage”. His relationship with the victim of his indiscretion on Facebook had ended after five months.

The judge sentenced the spurned lover to four months in prison. Joshua Ashby pleaded guilty to the facts of distribution of indecent content, death threats and stealing clothes from his ex-girlfriend.

The young prisoner didn’t want to be photographed during the trial but the judge decided to let the press enter the courtroom. It was probably something that made him feel the violation he had inflicted upon his victim.

After he cut up her dresses and told her that “I’m going to kill you” and that she was a “dead bitch”, Ashby logged onto his ex-girlfriend’s Facebook, changed her profile picture to a naked picture he had of her and made the account public to everyone. Facebook shut down the account after 12 hours but that still lasts a lot in internet time.