Lamborghini introduced the offspring of Murcielago’s engine

Lamborghini officials have presented the first images and specs of the new V12 engine that will animate the Murcielago’s successor. The model’s debut will take place at the Motor Show in Geneva, and its engine will develop 700 hp and 690 Nm. Peak torque comes at 5,500 rpm and maximum power is provided at 8250 rpm. The model’s manual gearbox is automatically driven to achieve maximum performance. ISR transmission comes with extremely low switching times with small and light weight. Also, Lamborghini guarantees the “emotional feeling of changing gears that comes with super sports models.”

Compared to a dual clutch transmission, the new transmission changes speeds twice as fast, and its weight and dimensions are significantly reduced. In addition, the V12 6.5-liter engine of the future Lamborghini weighs only 235 kg, gear included. Each kilogram of torque / transmission is equivalent to 3 hp.

The new ISR transmission is a new technique in the gearbox. ISR is the acronym for Independent Shifting Rod, which means that the gears are separated and that there is a preselection of the next step while the vehicle runs at a particular stage. The weight of the new transmission is 79 kg, and all the research and development work was carried out by the Lamborghini experts.



Image source: Jalopnik