Miranda Kerr poses for Vogue…fully clothed

This is the first time a pregnant woman is on the cover of Australia’s Vogue. Kerr said she was “very honored” to have this privilege.

Photographed by Carlotta Moye, Miranda Kerr took the opportunity to share his first experience of pregnancy in the Australian magazine.

“I’m definitely taking more time out to relax and be present to the whole experience of being pregnant.”

Seven months pregnant, Miranda Kerr maintains the sex of the baby unknown and wants a relationship as symbiotic as the one she has with her own mother.

“The idea of having the opportunity to rebuild that relationship with my baby is incredible.”

Miranda also confessed that she is excited about becoming a mom. “Every mother I’ve spoken to has said you cannot explain the profound feeling of love that comes over you as soon as the baby is born. I’m really looking forward to that moment.”

Miranda and her husband, movie star Orlando Bloom, are expecting their first child early next year.