Leeza Gibbons revealed engagement to Steven Fenton

The two revealed to People they got engaged this June.

Gibbons said: “He was on one knee and I was on Cloud 9! I have a ring but we decided that I won’t wear it until we have a private exchange of vows.”

Although she seemed reserved about the age difference she managed to pass over once she knew Steven.

“In the beginning, the age thing tripped me up for a minute,” she says. “I believe in love and I always held onto the belief that I would find it again but I didn’t think it would come in the form of Steven.”

A wedding date has not been set yet: “We’ll know when the time is right … Steven knew he wasn’t just marrying me, he was marrying into a family that included my kids. Our energy is the same and we connect through our desire to love our families and friends, serve our communities and make a difference.”