Prince William proposed Kate Middleton with Princess Diana ring

During a photo call, Kate revealed that the proposing moment happened during a Kenya trip and “It was very romantic and very personal to Africa.”
Middleton briefly talked about changing her title from girlfriend to future royalty.

“It’s quite a daunting prospect, but hopefully I’ll take it in my stride. William’s a great teacher, so he’ll be up to help me … I really look forward to it, and look forward to spending my time with William.”

The Prince had to answer why he decided to propose to Kate after such a long time.

He said: “The timing is right now. We’re both very happy, and I’m very glad that I have done it.”

Moreover, during another interview, the Prince revealed that he had been “planning [his proposal] for a while.”

On the other hand, Kate said she it was a total surprise.

“I didn’t really expect it all. I thought that he had maybe sort of thought about it, but no, it was a total shock when it came – and I’m very excited.”

The engagement ring is a very special one. It’s about the same ring that Princess Diana had.

William said that he carried the ring with him for weeks before proposing to Kate.

“I’d been carrying around the ring with me … for about three weeks before [proposing],” he says. “I would not let it go. You hear a lot of horror stories about proposing and things go horribly wrong, but it went really, really well.”