Taylor Swift: “I was filled with advice! But love is never that simple”

She said: “Like, the best way to get a guy to like you would be to actively ignore him. I was filled with advice! I’d tell my friends things like, Don’t accept that apology! That isn’t sincere! Or He hung out with his ex-girlfriend? Get rid of him. But love is never that simple.”

The country singer added: “Now I’m finally getting the idea it’s the one thing I don’t need to have a strategy for. I can only write the material I know, which is what happens to me.”

The funny thing that happened during the interview is that she was reminded that in 2009 she told Allure that Kanye West is the artist she whished to work with.

Swift replayed: “I forgot about that! Oh, wow! That’s…wow, that’s eerie, isn’t it?”

During the Allure interview she talked about Justin Bieber and how sweet he is.

“He’s sweet and awesome, and it’s, like, fascinating how charismatic he is. So genuine, I’ll join his fan club.”

Image source: Allure