DMX is back in prison

Apparently in possession of cocaine, DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, also had Oxycontin on him, a powerful drug, but obviously he had no prescription. But that doesn’t stop here, DMX was driving despite his license being suspended, and is accused of not having made his last visit to rehab and refusing to submit to a blood test.

The rapper, aged 39, is ailing. He is scheduled to appear November 24 before a court.

“Mr. Simmons has several felony convictions, and has been given multiple opportunities to succeed on probation,” court papers said. “He has been directed to treatment, as well as chose his own treatment program, and continues to use illegal drugs following these opportunities.”

Released on July 6, 2010, after serving a sentence of six months in prison for violating the terms of his probation following a conviction for drug possession in December 2008, DMX was condemned by a court in Los Angeles on July 27 to return to prison for 90 days due to a charge of dangerous driving back in 2002. Thursday 12 August he was released, before being caught that night driving a big Mercedes, but without a license.

The rapper, whose albums include “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” and “Flesh of My Flesh, has a long record of arrests in Arizona for crimes that range from animal cruelty to reckless driving and weapons possession.

This time, with cocaine, it will take an even longer sentence.