The marriage of Erin Barry, Tony Parker’s mistress, is also falling apart

Brent and Erin Barry were close friends with the Longoria-Parker couple. Brent and Tony were teammates on the San Antonio Spurs for four years and the two coupes often socialized. Eva and Erin quickly became friends as “Spurs wives” and maintained their relationship even after Brent left the team.

“So it was more devastating,” a source close to the couple says.

In October 2010, Brent Barry, Erin’s husband, filed for divorce, and a few weeks later, the case of Tony Parker’s infidelity appeared in the press, together with the divorce news.

A source told Access Hollywood that there was no sex between Tony and Erin, but the NBA star admits having sent several messages to the wife of his former teammate. However, he claims they stopped sending messages over the summer and that they had nothing to do with Brent and Erin’s divorce.

The Barrys had been married since 1998 and have two sons, ages 10 and 4. According to the filing, Brent and Erin were expected to “enter into a written agreement” over custody and child support. The petition also says the pair had a prenuptial agreement that went into effect on July 25, 1998 – the day they were married.