Mazda: “We must match Volkswagen quality”

Following complaints regarding the finishing of the new Mazda2 facelift, chief designer of Mazda R & D department in Germany said that Mazda models must meet the quality of the Volkswagen.

Peter Birtwhistle made a comparison between Mazda2 and the Volkswagen Polo. According to the Mazda official, Volkswagen offers a higher level of perceived quality.

His statement is at least surprising. Paradoxically, while Mazda wants to catch up with the Volkswagen model, the Germans think of a strategy against the Koreans at Kia and Hyundai.

“If you sit in a Volkswagen Polo you get a really good sense of quality,” Birtwhistle said. “Using better materials of course means that prices may rise slightly and we must balance that without compromising our position in the market as a value brand.”

Mazda officials did not specify what model will be the first to have the finish changed, but we expect little change in the future. Even if it’s not a facelift, Mazda models are likely to receive new materials starting with next year’s second half.

Source: Autocar