New clues in the Ronni Chasen murder case but no lead

The mayor of Beverly Hills, Jimmy Delshad, told the Los Angeles Times and a local TV station that Chasen may have been shot from another vehicle.

“Indications are [the shots] could have come from another car, higher up, maybe an SUV,” said Delshad, adding that detectives believe the bullets came from an SUV because of the high angle of shots fired. Some pieces of glass – possibly from Chasen’s car window – were found near the shooting site, but no bullet casings, he said.

On Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter’s website said there was “relevant footage” from at least one security camera near the site of the shooting.

After examining the crime scene and video footage, police believe that someone planned the murder. They think that a car was ordered to follow Chasen, pull alongside her and fire at her.

Ronni was shot early Tuesday while driving her Mercedes-Benz in Beverly Hills. She was on her way home after attending the premiere of the new Cher and Christina Aguilera movie, “Burlesque.”

Chasen’s family and friends are offering a $100,000 reward for any helpful information.