Skoda’s logo changes in 2011!

In order to mark the celebration of 20 years of collaboration with the Volkswagen Group, Skoda has a surprise for its fans. According to information received from the Czech Republic, the Skoda logo will undergo a design change in 2011 as it will become simpler.

The new logo will maintain the winged arrow inspired by a painting of an American Indian found on the office walls of the first Skoda leaders at the beginning of the last century, but the change will revolve around it. The logo’s background turns green, in order to highlight Skoda’s focus towards ecology and environment, and the circle that will close the logo will be blue, the official color of the Volkswagen Group.

An interesting twist will be the disappearance of Skoda’s name logo, as it will became very close in form to that used by the Czech brand in the first half of last century.

The first official appearance of the winged Skoda logo dates from 87 years ago, as the Czech manufacturer recorded on December 15,923 two versions of the logo we know today: one in which the name was passed under the brand and one in which the logo was simple.