Cher Lloyd vs Rebecca Ferguson


Lloyd was in the bottom two for the first time last Sunday and is growing “jealous” of Rebecca for becoming more popular than her.

An insider told Heat magazine: “People are really loving Rebecca. They can see how nice and natural she is. Cher can’t stand it.”

“Last week, Cheryl told Cher that she needed to make her peace with Rebecca. Cher admitted to Rebecca that she can be moody and it’s just her personality.”

The source also added: “Rebecca has accepted Cher’s apology, but she’s not happy. Rebecca has admitted she still can’t stand Cher and thinks she’s a brat who behaves worse than her kids.”

It’s because of this rivalry that Rebecca moved out of their bedroom at the X Factor house as Lloyd is “determined” to crush her rival’s chances of winning.

An insider explained: “It seems Cher is isolating Rebecca in the house. She will focus on someone who threatens her and try to suss out that person’s weakness. Rebecca is quieter and more understated, so Cher will be really loud when she’s with her. ”

The same source said Cher is always trying to draw everybody’s attention.


The same source stated: “In the living room or the studio, Cher takes over. She doesn’t give other contestants any time to say anything or voice their opinions.

And she knows Rebecca isn’t confrontational and will back off and walk away.” This is not the first time Cher is having disputes with other contestants on the show. In the past she was reportedly at loggerheads with Katie Waissel and Treyc Cohen.

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