Denise Richards to be questioned by police about Charlie Sheen incident

The actor’s ex-wife was sleeping in the Plaza Hotel room across from her ex when the police arrived. Richards reportedly entered the room and might have seen what could be evidence in the investigation.

The actress intends to “fully cooperate.”

Earlier this week, Capri Anderson, the woman found locked in the bathroom of the hotel room, said she filed a lawsuit against Sheen, accusing him of assault and forcible confinement.

An NYPD spokesman said: “[Anderson] decided a month later the crime that was completed was harassment. Harassment varies. She said he was shouting at her, knocking things off in the hotel room, acting irrational. She voluntarily locked herself in the bathroom and was not held against her will. She was not a victim of assault. She was not imprisoned in the hotel room.”

“Initially, when we responded, she didn’t file a police report. She never said she felt in danger. Mr Sheen voluntarily went to the hospital were he underwent a psychiatric evaluation, as an ‘aided case’ – someone needing medical attention.”