Jennifer Grey – the big winner of “Dancing With The Stars” 2010!


3 couples faced each other through many dances, judged by a jury and the public.

Last night, Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough were the big winners. The 50-year-old actress beat Kyle Massey, 19, who was runner-up, and Bristol Palin, 20, daughter of former U.S. presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who came in third place. Some would call her success a well-deserved moment of light against the dark years of failed attempts to revive her acting career since starring in “Dirty Dancing.”

Seeing Jennifer Grey triumph again, everyone remembered the anthological scene from a film that made her famous. A big time sensational moment shared with the late Patrick Swayze in “Dirty Dancing” is still regarded today as one of the best dance scenes in film history.

“This journey was the gift,” said Jennifer when accepting the prize. “Saying yes was the gift. Getting Derek as a partner was a huge gift.” Here is a video of her reaction after finding out she had won.

Image source: You Tube