Lily Allen and boyfriend Sam Cooper engaged?

“Everyone’s so proud of Lily. She’s made a list of how to get through what can only be described as a horrible tragedy. This is the most awful situation in the world and she’s aware that nothing can take away the hurt,” a friend of the couple quoted by Now magazine said.

“[But] last week, Sam told Lily he can’t live without her…It was always the plan that they’d marry at some point but this has given her a major boost.”

Apparently, Lily has told Sam that before they start planning the wedding, she needs “time to heal.”

The same source told Now: “Lily’s been in a dark place but she’s slowly rebuilding from the shock. She told Sam she needs time to heal but she’s not letting herself die of a broken heart.”

“He’s been very supportive but he’s hurting like hell as too, so they had a long heart-to-heart and have planned a holiday somewhere quiet.”

The friend added: “Lily’s a fighter and says if she can get through this, she can get through anything.”