“Ugly Betty” actor confesses: I “Killed the Demon Inside” My Mom

After using a samurai sword to behead his mother, Michael Brea has explained the reasons for his gesture in an interview with the NY Daily News, from the prison ward at Bellevue Hospital.

The young actor said that it all started with a dream he had.

“I was sleeping in my bedroom. God came above my bed and reached his arm to me,” he remembered. “I said, ‘God, is my time on earth over?’ I heard a voice say, ‘Yes Michael, today is your last day.'”

The young man who subsequently proved mentally deranged, decided to spend his last day on earth in Harlem. It was from there that things started to go wrong.

Michael Brea told the Daily News what happened in Harlem: “A man approached me. [He] kept trying to put something in my hand but wouldn’t show it to me. I kept opening my hand. It was a Freemason pin. I wouldn’t touch it,” he said.

That’s when the actor began hearing people talk about mothers. “I felt like Neo from ‘The Matrix.’ I began hearing voices and feeling powerful … They were asking about the difference between mom and mother. It was a sign.”

On returning to his apartment, Michael Brea hugged his mother, “I knew I would never see her again.”

Shortly after, Yannick asked her son for help in the kitchen.

“I looked at these chickens lying dead in the pot and a voice told me it was a sacrifice. It was black magic,” Michael said. He left the uncooked chickens in the pot and retreated back to his bedroom.

When his mother asked why he wasn’t doing what she asked, Michael claims she spoke with a different voice.

“She had the voice of the demon. I opened the door with the dagger at my side and the sword,” he said. “I asked, ‘Do you believe in God?’ She said, ‘No, Michael no,’ and began screaming. I began slashing her like this,” the actor explained while slamming his right hand down in a violent hacking motion.

Michael says, “I was slashing my mom and I heard the police knocking on the door yelling, ‘Michael, open up, Michael, open up,’ but I knew they wouldn’t open the door and stop me because the spirits were protecting me … I just kept cutting her. No one could stop me.”

When the police arrived, Yannick was on her knees in the bathroom while Michael stood with the sword in one hand and Masonic Bible in the other.

Michael Brea has been accused of 2nd degree murder and illegal possession of a weapon.

Image source: tech786.blogspot.com