A British pensioner has forgotten 95,000 euros on the ceiling of his car

A 68-year-old British man forgot all his life savings on the roof of his car and drove away. According to MSN, the British man didn’t trust banks and used to keep his money in the house, but the death of his dog made him carry all his savings in a bag.

Carried away by waking up early in the morning, the British man forgot his money on the roof of his car and went to work. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t until noon that he realized his loss, and the Essex police are already investigating the theft of money.

Although he made a careful search of the area where he lives, he only managed to find plastic bags in which he kept his money. These bags were kept in a canvas bag, so the object itself could be easily noticed by anyone.

Until recently, the old man kept all his savings under his bed. Throughout his life, he managed to accumulate 80,000 pounds, which represents about 95,000 euros. All the money came from annual savings made from his salary.

The UK police urged the person who got hold of the old man’s money to bring them back as soon as possible. The plastic bags in which the money were kept have already been fingerprinted by police in the hope that they will be able to find the person who opened them and took the money out of them.

The Essex pensioner is not alone in losing a significant amount of money with the “help” of a car. While the Englishman lost his money when looking for his car keys, a young man in Germany lost about 25,000 euros on the highway while testing an Audi A3 Cabrio that he wanted to buy.

The young German was lucky and managed to recover a great deal of the money with the help of the police who blocked the highway on hearing the news.

Source: Autoblog

Image source: aprendizdeactor.blogspot.com