Friends worry for Christina Aguilera’s rebound with Matthew Rutler

The 29-year-old star was seen holding hands with Matthew Rutler, a stage technician she met while shooting the film “Burlesque,” as they left the nightclub The Abbey in West Hollywood on Wednesday night. In her other hand she held a red rose.

This is not the first outlet in town for new love. On November 5, Christina and Matthew were seen in the company of the couple Nicole Richie and Joel Madden in Soho House in Hollywood. Christina’s new flame then attempted to avoid the paparazzi as he left the facility.

But the singer’s friends say they fear the relationship is “too much, too soon” for her.

“Christina is completely taken with Matthew,” a source tells Star Magazine. “But he’s a wild rocker type with a reputation as a ladies’ man.”

According to another insider, Rutler is taking advantage of Christina’s celebrity.

“He networks like crazy with all the big names she introduces him to. He’s a major operator. And everything is on her dime, because he’s broke. Matt used to live in a crummy apartment with roommates; now he’s at her Beverly Hills mansion every night.”