Oksana Grigorieva accuses Timothy Dalton of abuse

The email was sent from Oksana to Mel on January 8, 2010, two days after their big fight in which she claims the actor hit her, and was admitted into evidence in the custody case.

Oksana writes, “Lucy has been crying a lot. She is jerking at every little sound. She stopped smiling. I hope there is no damage from ur violence the other night. I’m very warried (sic) for her and Sacha. He is acting out and yelling at me. Since his father always yells and u yelled and hit me.”Sacha is Oksana and Dalton’s13-year-old boy.

During the battle for the custody with Mel, Oksana has accused Dalton of domestic violence. At the time, she denied these rumors and said: “Tim is a wonderful father.”

Oksana ends the email by saying: “Immagine (sic) what would happen if he tells his dad. I could loose (sic) the custody and u will loose (sic) ur carrier (sic), and never work again.”

You can see the email obtained by TMZ here.