Red Bull X1 prototype: from Gran Turismo 5 to the real world

The Gran Turismo 5 video game came with 1031 cars and 71 different circuits for hobbyists. A significant achievement of Sony was working with Red Bull Racing for the development of the X1 prototype, a virtual machine taking motorsport to the next level, a creation that does not take rules and regulations into account.

Until now, Red Bull X1 could be admired only in the video game Gran Turismo 5, but those at Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC) have decided to create a real copy of it. Thus, the British built a car without a propulsion system and with a length of 4.75 meters and a width that measures 2.2 meters. The greatest loss for those at IDC is the lack of the 3.0-liter V6 propeller capable of producing 1,500 horsepower and developing 715 Nm of torque.

“To build a car of this size and detail from scratch in just four weeks required all our model making techniques and rapid prototyping technologies. After all the long hours and intense effort, the whole team is immensely proud of this amazing achievement and our involvement in such an exciting project for Red Bull,” said Vincent O’Horo, head of IDC Models.

Source: Red Bull Racing