Winona Ryder sends message of apology to Natalie Portman

In the film, which is a psychological thriller, the 39-year-old actress portrays a bad-tempered ballet dancer..

She said: “I wrote to Natalie and got her something when I had finished filming, saying ‘I’m so sorry I had to say all those horrible things.’

Ryder says she found it very hard to film such violent scenes as she had to continuously insult Natalie Portman, which is a kind of behavior that she’s not very familiar with in real life.

“The scene where I trash my dressing room was my last scene. I remember my first boyfriend used to smash everything – at 18 everything is dramatic.”

“So I took an Evian bottle and tried to break it really meekly. I couldn’t do it and then he made fun of me.

“And even in that dressing room scene I was like, ‘Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!’ ”

“Black Swan” is a mystical ballet thriller focusing on the relationship of a prima ballerina and her younger competitor as the two are fighting for the lead role in a play of the same title.