American steals a Nissan Altima from Japanese showroom

Jacory Phillips, an American-born man, was arrested and charged with car theft. He entered the Five Star Nissan showroom in Albany, New York, took a copy of the Altima model and drove the car directly through the glass doors of the building.

Jacory Phillips damaged the doors of the building and then fled the scene, said Phyllis Banks, spokesman for Albany Police Department.

Shortly after the theft, Early County district authorities were notified by a worker at a gas station that a male person was “begging” money for fuel. The police immediately connected the “beggar” with the incident at the Nissan showroom and went to arrest Jacory Phillips.

“The reports are that he was asking people for money to buy some gas and that someone at the store reported the suspicious behavior,” Phyllis Banks said.

This is not the first time Jacory goes to jail as he has previously served time for 60 days in January 2009. As far as the Nissan showroom is concerned, it was open two days after the incident and the damaged doors were covered with plastic wrap.

Source: Albanyherald