Bosnian rape victims protest at UN against the film directed by Angelina Jolie

“Angelina Jolie’s ignorant attitude towards victims says enough about the scenario and gives us the right to continue having doubts about it,” the Women Victims of War (WVW) association said in a letter published Monday

In this letter, addressed to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, a position that the American actress represents as goodwill ambassador, the Bosnian association members said they were “deeply concerned”.

The American actress, who is making her directorial debut with this film, shot most of the scenes in Hungary, from early October until mid-November.

After some problems with obtaining the shooting authorization in Bosnia, the war victims’ associations pressure local authorities, and just panoramic scenes are made in Bosnia, in the absence of the actress.

According to the official synopsis, the film’s central theme is that of a love story during the war in Bosnia (1992 – 1995), between a Serb guard in a prison camp, who makes great efforts to protect his former girlfriend, and a Muslim woman imprisoned there.

But rumors about the screenplay, amplified in the local press, have provoked harsh reactions from the associations of victims of war in this country.

Angelina Jolie has asked to meet with members of this organization, “to clarify these misunderstandings”, but the meeting never took place.

According to association president, Bakir Hasecic, the members of the association were invited by Jolie to Budapest to meet during filming, but the invitation was declined.

“The killings have occurred here in Bosnia, and we want to meet here,” Bakir said Hasecic.

Angelina Jolie has said she will direct and star in a film whose action takes place during the war in Bosnia (1992 – 1995), in a statement released in August, by the UNHCR.

The war in Bosnia had around 100,000 people dead and several thousand women were raped during the conflict, according to international organizations.