It’s official: Audi presents the new A6

Audi has completely redesigned its high-class model and also offered it a hybrid version. The new A6 boasts of an ASF body that is easy, a sport chassis and a range of electronic driver assistance systems. In addition to the new elements, the hybrid propulsion system guarantees the efficiency of a four-cylinder engine and the power of a V6 engine. A6’s design has changed from the previous generation, but changes were not at all shocking to those familiar with the Audi range.

Audi A6 is 4.92 meters long and 1.87 meters wide. To achieve the aspect of a sporting model, its height only reaches 1.46 meters, which confers A6, according to those who drew it, “unrivaled proportions.” The LED lights are optional, but the long hood, bloated bossages and the inclined roof are standard. Inside, everything revolves around the two front passengers. The board is tilted slightly towards the driver, but its right part enframes the front passenger. Basically, the dashboard and the doors’ aspect look like they are embracing the front seat occupants.

Audi A6 is offered in the company of five engines. Two of them are Otto, and three are TDIs. The engines offered with the A6 offer between 177 and 300 hp and use technologies such as start-up, kinetic energy recovery system from braking and thermal management system. Compared with the previous range of engines, Audi guarantees a 19% reduction in fuel consumption and the new A6 promises to be the leader of the segment in terms of efficiency.

The most economical version of the range is the 2.0 TDI coupled to a manual transmission. The engine needs only 4.9 liters of diesel to travel 100 kilometers and emits 129 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Audi A6 Hybrid will provide a total of 245 hp and it is equipped with a 2.0-liter TFSI engine that guarantees an average consumption of 6.2 liters per hundred. As for transmissions, Audi offers both manual and Multitronic gearboxes with continuous variation and S-Tronic transmissions with double clutch. Each unit is calibrated specifically for the A6.


Mark / Model / Version 2.0 TDI Audi A6
Length (mm) 4920
Width (mm) 1870
Height (mm) 1460
Weight (kg) 1575
Maximum power (hp / rpm) 177
Torque (Nm / rpm) 380/1.750
Maximum speed (km / h) 228
Acceleration 1-100 Km (s) 8.7
Average consumption (l/100 km) 4.9

Source: Audi